Life again imitating fiction

In the last post, I talked about the predictive nature of FUTURE PERFECT.  Well, I had some idea of the massive surveillance network required for a 1984-type situation, and I figured we were getting closer, but it still was a shock to stumble upon Trapwire, the massive spy network revealed in the latest Wikileaks unveilingDavid Seaman and Australian activist Asher Wolf have been valiantly trying to get the word out, but the mainstream media isn’t biting (and now that the Ayn Rand admirer Paul Ryan has just been announced as Romney’s running mate, the odds of Trapwire getting covered just dropped into Snowball-in-Miami territory).  Trapwire is described as “a technology solution predicated upon behavior patterns in red zones to identify surveillance. It helps you connect the dots over time and distance.” It’s predictive — think Minority Report‘s “pre-crime”.

Trapwire is one step closer to FUTURE PERFECT’s Meta system — just add corporate data (Facebook, Google, Visa, etc), throw in a little home videocam and AI, and there you go:  reality beginning to resemble fictional dystopias.

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