To hold the Future in your hands…

I started writing FUTURE PERFECT in January of 2007, with the plan of setting the story in our “present day” and its immediate future (2007-2025). It’s by nature predictive, and the longer it took me to write, the more I kept bumping up against current reality–and finding many of my predictions coming true. I was constantly “chasing the present”, with the pressure to publish before my “prophecies” became history. The e-book’s publication was a huge relief, but I still felt a need (more like a creeping sense of foreboding) to get it into unalterable print before the wave function collapsed and my little book of fiction resembled more of reality than I bargained for.  [This time-sensitivity was one of those “Is Self Publishing Right For You?” examples.] Also, I know many of you prefer to hold & read the actual paper book rather than a device (I’m one of those people, too).

So it’s with great relief, pride, gratitude, and hope, that I can announce that the print version of FP is now a click away, on By this time next week it will be listed on

Thanks to all of you who’ve offered praise, helpful hints, and support. It’s been an incredible experience. Now….to the sequel!

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