Imagine a Future…

Today I came across an article on entitled “Building Sustainable Future Needs More Than Science, Experts Say”.  The gist of it is that facts & science alone can’t build a future, instead we need to harness the power of imagination (stories, worldviews, values, etc) to really change things.  (Incidentally, this explains why religions aren’t going away anytime soon). The article hits on a main theme of FUTURE PERFECT, i.e. the effects of stories on reality:

“Society’s choices are driven by people’s cultural perceptions of reality, which in turn are based on their values and their cultural context, [Joe Zammit-Lucia] said.”

Science is important, but if we can develop a culture that sees us as part of the natural world, that has empathy for people and other living beings instead of for corporations, that values collaboration over competition, maybe the future won’t seem so…unreal.


In other news, FUTURE PERFECT is now available directly via Amazon for your Kindle, the Apple iBookstore for your iDevices, and for your Nook.

By krisbecker

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