The Future Will Not be Perfect

Now 16 months after my last post, you might suspect that the sequel to FUTURE PERFECT is done and off to the publisher. Not quite. The only thing that’s “done” is my optimism, my hope that humanity can come together and pull ourselves out of this death spiral that began with enclosure of the commons, through feudalism, colonialism, Manifest Destiny, globalization, and the destruction and monetization of the natural world, and continues through our current Weathermageddons-du-jour, ocean acidification, species extinctions, METHANE ERUPTIONS, economic mirages masking impending collapse, governmental corruption and corporatist-fascist surveillance (1984!) and crackdowns, onward to a future hell that is anything but perfect.  FUTURE PERFECT was a tongue-in-cheek title, a nod to the tendency of utopian thinking to become, in the absence of democratic input, quite dystopian.  Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and when the beholder holds all the cards, cash, and capital, the future is assuredly less than perfect for anyone below, say, 99.9%.

So where does that leave my sequel?  Definitely in progress.  I write to make sense of the world, and the world is pretty chaotic right now. At the start of writing FP, I took a timeout to read (6 months, actually, to read history, religion, political science, physics & quantum theory, philosophy), and I’m deep into that learning now: ecology, more history, resistance theory, high-intensity energy extraction (e.g. fracking), and more on dying, Buddhism, extinction, Permaculture, anti-colonial literature, medieval preservation of knowledge, and alternatives to capitalism.  I’m intrigued by the difference/conflict between Resilience (the latest buzz-word for governmental, educational, and eco toolkits) and Resistance, and whether it’s too late for either.

Hold on to your hats, we’re in for a wild ride. Pluto isn’t over, it’s just beginning.